tuning peg

tuning peg
noun or tuning pin
: an adjustable pin to which the strings (as of a piano or a violin) are fastened and by means of which the pitch may be varied

the creak of tuning pegs in their sockets — Mark Harris

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tuning peg or tuning pin noun
A peg on a musical instrument around which the end of a string is wound and by which it is tuned
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Main Entry:tune

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tuning peg UK [ˈtjuːnɪŋ ˌpeɡ] US [ˈtunɪŋ ˌpeɡ] noun [countable] [singular tuning peg plural tuning pegs] music
a piece of wood or metal on a musical instrument that you turn to make the strings tighter or looser
Thesaurus: parts of musical instrumentsmeronym musical instrumentshyponym

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tuning pin or tuning peg,
one of the pegs around which the strings of a stringed musical instrument are passed and which can be turned by the player to change the pitch of the note that each string produces.

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noun, pl ⋯ pegs [count]
:peg 2, 1

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ˈtuning peg [tuning peg tuning pegs] noun
= peg (4)

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